Past Calls | The Plan Journal

AI Time

The Plan Journal, vol. 8 [2023], no. 2 [Fall]
How is AI changing and going to change design, architecture and urbanism in the coming decades? Will AI substantially change the design process?



The Plan Journal, vol. 7 [2022], no. 2 [Fall]
How can the design, architecture and urbanism help us uphold the right for healthier, more sustainable, more equitable and more affordable housing?


The Good Material

The Plan Journal, vol. 6 [2021], no. 2 [Fall]

How can we advance materials science, design creativity and technological innovation for a smarter, more sustainable, a more humane materiality and tectonics?


Healthy Urbanism

The Plan Journal, vol. 5 [2020], no. 2 [Fall]

How can we imagine healthier, safer and more ecologically balanced urban environments that can support society’s efforts for a stronger public health?


The Plan Journal, vol. 4 [2019], no. 2 [Fall]
New perspectives on gender issues and the impact of gender mainstreaming to re-assess the past, change the present and envision the future of the design fields


The Shared Project
The Plan Journal, vol. 3 [2018], no. 2 [Fall]

How modes of operation, design strategies and public engagement are being redefined by new technologies for the architectural project of “the sharing society”


Resilient Edges

The Plan Journal, vol. 2 [2017], no. 2 [Fall]
Investigations, strategies and designs for the ecological resilience of coastal and delta areas around the world


The Plan Journal, vol. 1 [2016], no. 2 [Fall]
How do we leverage the power of design to actually, as designers, make a difference? What does it mean “designing for social impact” beyond socio-economical analysis and reporting, or before it becomes political activism and advocacy? How do we grow design intelligence and sharpen design tools to make our projects more relevant for society? And how do we assess social impact for design interventions?